"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him." John 3:17
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ELH AR Series

Equipment Trailers with Aluminum Ramps

Moritz has combined toughness with modern style to offer this innovative product line. Our one piece cold formed I beam frame, standard aluminum ramps and tool box as well as standard torsion axles are a few things that make this trailer stand out from our competitors.

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ELH GT Series

Equipment Trailers With Gravity Tilt Deck

Our gravity tilt deck demonstrates what heavy duty looks like. We incorporate a one piece cold formed I beam frame with a big thick angle tilting deck to create a seriously strong gravity tilt trailer. We also have features like a shut off valve to hold the deck up, an aluminum tool box and torsion axles.

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ELH HT Series

Equipment Trailers With Hydraulic Tail

Moritz again pushes new ideas to market with our hydraulic tail low profile equipment trailer. This model shares features with other models such as our one piece cold formed I beam frame, aluminum tool box and torsion axles as well as bringing new features like our exclusive auto locking tail.

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EDH Series

Equipment Trailers With Deck Over the Wheels

This trailer was designed for equipment that is too wide for a low profile trailer with fenders. It is low to the ground for a deck over model and comes standard with an 8” I beam frame, 4’ tail with ramps and torsion axles.

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