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Dealer Opportunities

At Moritz International, we realize our current and future success rests with our outstanding dealer network.  Without them, Moritz does not exist. Most of our dealers inventory multiple trailer manufactures (we encourage this) and our goal at Moritz is to be the easiest to do business with. It is easy to work with dealers in good times, but we measure our success with dealer relationships during challenging times. These items may include a warranty issues, shipping and other challenges that may arise.  We pride ourselves on delivering to our dealers a great product and unmatched service. You can apply to become a dealer by filling out the form below. If you have any other questions, then give us a call at (419) 526-5222.

Dealer Requirements

  1. A territory must be available – our territories, depending on population, are usually about 60 miles apart. New dealer applications will be reviewed based on relative location of established dealers in the area and any other applicable factors.
  2. A dealer license is required to sell our trailers.
  3. Completed Dealer Application.
  4. An opening order of 5 trailers and/or truck beds or more.

Interested in Becoming a Moritz Dealer?

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